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General enthusiasms: history, geography, languages, media of all sorts, education, food, friendship, justice, and hard-earned optimism.

Specific enthusiasms: old maps, writing stories, cupcakes, multiple flavors of both Sherlock Holmes and Les Miserables, Welcome to Night Vale, Classic Who, White Collar, Graceland, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Lord of the Rings, Moomintroll, Disney films, Nickelodeon, American Girl dolls, the 20th century, cities, ancient Rome, classical mythology, middle school pedagogy, Finnish and Scandinavian cultures, sapphism through the ages, pictures of adorable animals and people. These are likely to show up on this blog at any given moment, as is anything else to which I've currently taken a fancy.

Periodically blogging about mental health issues under the tag "brain stuff."

Hats worn: teacher, INTP, Capricorn, Ravenclaw, waterbender, urban hobbit. Sun sign of John Watson with a moon sign of Sherlock Holmes lurking underneath. True 1790s Kid, tongue placed firmly in cheek.

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no, mr hiddleston
this time you’ve gone too far


no, mr hiddleston

this time you’ve gone too far

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