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Periodically blogging about mental health issues under the tag "brain stuff."

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Oedipus slays the Sphinx.  Attic red-figure lekythos in the manner of the Meidias Painter, ca. 420-400 BCE.  Now in the British Museum.

Huh, this is such an interesting variant of the myth, because the more widely known one is that he solves her riddle and she throws herself to her death. I’m wanna look this up in Gantz now, to see if there’s any textual variants to go with it.

I could give you a whole blog entry about how Oedipus is one of my favorite Greek mythological heroes because he’s totally the precursor to detective heroes and all about brainwork and such. (And also, he is a delightful jerk who revels in his own intelligence but simultaneously feels a sense of civic duty and yeah yeah familiar archetypes but he is that archetype done PAINFULLY RIGHT and I just enjoy his story so much, okay.) But, I’ll spare you guys that. For now.



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The Latin Quarter, Paris (by macjammer)

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Highlights of the day: I had a chance to speak with not one but TWO LGBTQA+ writers of historical fiction—Sarah Waters and Alex Meyers. Both of them were quite lovely and the talks they gave were sparkling with fantastic information, and Sarah Waters signed a copy of her new book for me.

All the while a little voice was nagging at me like, Corinna, Corinna, these are your people. NEXT WEEK YOU MUST GO FORTH AND WRITE SO YOU CAN TRULY BE COUNTED AMONG THEM. And I think that little voice shall be listened to, for sure.

Friday selfies! One srs business face, one more playful I guess.

I got some foam rollers to play around with because I’m planning to do messy waves for when I wear my French Revolution costume to school. I think they look pretty cute? They’ll probably be gone soon, knowing my hair, but I like it. Although it does make me look considerably more blonde, for whatever reason.

The necklace comes from the needsmoreresearch's farmer's market and I'm wondering if I can get away with making it part of my costume. It goes well with all the different fabrics I'm using and doesn't look overly fancy, but I suspect it may also be too modern. So who knows.

My neighbors probably wonder why they’ve had to hear David Ban singing multiple times over the past twenty minutes.

Oh well.

977 plays 977 plays
1789, Les Amants De La Bastille And David Ban,
1789, Les Amants De La Bastille (Intégrale Deluxe)


Au palais royal les bouffons sont de rois

Au palais royal les plaisirs font la loi

Il faut de l’audace et encore de l’audace

Aux citoyens d’en bas

Ça ira

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Feel the wind in your hair.

Small girls traverse a barley field beneath barren Nepalese mountain peaks in the windswept region of Mustang.

Photograph by David Stubbs, Aurora Photos

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All of the Nordic countries and their associated territories have adopted a Nordic cross flag (except Greenland).

The first incarnation of this design was the Danish Danneborg, with the earliest undisputed appearance between 1340-1370. When Sweden declared independence from the Kalmar Union it adopted a flag of the same style with the blue and gold coloring from its national coat of arms. Norway had the first Nordic cross flag to feature three colors, designed in 1821 but not officially adopted until 1844.

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