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Roman Legionary Tile with Canine Imprint, Roman Province of Pannonia, c.  2nd-4th century AD

A Roman legionary building tile (baked orange clay brick) with the imprint of a dog’s footprint, likely the pet of a legionary soldier or local camp dog who stepped on it while it was drying prior to baking. The tile 6 x 7 x 1.25 inches, the print 2 x 3 inches. The print quite clear with excellent detail including the claw marks. Some ancient calcified deposits in the impressions attesting authenticity. Quite rare.

Pannonia was an ancient province of the Roman Empire bounded north and east by the Danube, coterminous westward with Noricum and upper Italy, and southward with Dalmatia and upper Moesia. Pannonia was located over the territory of the present-day western Hungary, eastern Austria, northern Croatia, north-western Serbia, Slovenia, western Slovakia and northern Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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Hello tumblr! How are you all this fine evening?

I have returned from re-watching the first season of Utena and improvising a fairly decent pasta sauce.

Sometimes I wake up with good morning hair (I mean like, I’d still comb it before heading out the door, but it’s slightly wavy and falling a way I like) and feel awesome about it. Today was one of those mornings.

I’d take a picture, but I feel like that would shatter the illusion, and it’s about time that I start combing my hair and being dressed and functional anyway.


Proud parents

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Dresses from “Le Style Parisian”


Jeschke Van Vliet Auctions

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