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Close-up of Silk Dupioni 1850’s Gown by Keepersdollyduds on Flickr.

[American Girl Doll Cecile Rey in a OOAK period gown. —MOD]

Ah yes spring the season wherein twelve and thirteen year olds have not an ounce of good judgment and thus the suspensions from school start rolling in.

I was gonna do my ‘93 chapter, but since it’s so short I might wait until tomorrow to talk about it. After today I think not pushing myself is a good idea.

  • Things you learn when beginning most languages: Colors, numbers, "hi my name is"
  • Things you learn when beginning Latin: war, manliness, four words for "death"

That is okay, friend. All part of the middle school handbook, after all. I only have about two more hours of work left and then I can relax with some sort of fermented beverage. :)

Oh my supreme being it is one of those days when I totally understand why people say “I’m sorry” when I tell them I teach middle school.

I mean I usually have a little speech prepared about how that age group gets a bad rep and how their tumultuous little flaws mean they need all the more adult guidance rather than less, but. There are still DAYS (a fact that one must learn to acknowledge, handle, and not take too personally in the end) and today was one of them.

Also wow I really Iike the way ClubNinetyThree crowdsources knowledge acquisition.

I need to figure out how to replicate this kinda magic in my own classroom.

Okay, once I get to six o’clock tonight, here are the plans: do my ‘93 post, catch up on tumblr inbox correspondence, work on (and finish?) my John and Abigail picture.

Classes and meetings and duties first, of course. But I’ll get there!


Concept Art from Prince of Egypt (1998)

(via minionier)