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Eleven-year-old Corinna is not yet Corinna but she is already beginning to answer to Éponine and also Tansy.

She is excited, because she is reciting a poem for her chorus concert.

She has discovered her proto-fandom: Les Misèrables. She reads all 1400 pages of it in two to three weeks. Together she and her friends erect a barricade in her basement and sing the songs at the top of their lungs. Using Beanie Babies as their actors (Fantine is a white cat and Tobasco the bull become Enjolras) they perform the stage show. They agree that Marius is a tool and that Gavroche is to be regarded as the best character of all time.

She loves Redwall. She has read each book multiple times, even if they follow the same formula. Needing someone to talk to about them at home, she begins reading them to her younger brother, doing accents for all the characters. Together they go to the mall and Brian Jacques signs their shared copy of Martin the Warrior, offering them sweets after they show him their mole handshake.

Mary Downing Hahn signs her copy of Stepping on the Cracks and she couldn’t be more thrilled.

She begins to assert her adulthood in little ways. At her friend’s birthday sleepover they sneakily stay up to watch an episode of South Park, still new and controversial. She decides that she is allowed to start swearing. And she talks her mother out of letting her quit basketball.

And yet in other ways she has already been forced to grow up.

This is first time she sees her father lose his job. Moreover it’s the first time she sees what losing his job does to him.

One day, her mother tells her it is going to happen, probably.

A few days later, she is picked up from school by her aunt and uncle. She is taken to their house, and then to choir practice, and then back to their house rather than her own. When she is finally taken home, her father is not there.

She learns that he is in a hospital, and that he will be there over Christmas. He will not be able to see her recite the poem at the chorus concert. One of the priests from church will come to hear her recite, and they will tape her recitation and give the cassette to her father.

Her father’s choir friends bring dinner and cake at night. Her mother is not home, so she must put dinner in the oven for her and her brother. And reading the note on how to reheat the casserole and turning the dials on the stove, she realizes that this is adulthood, too.

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14 year old Corinna is still not Corinna.

She wears black combat boots with red laces and her bangs are always in her face.

She has just entered high school. She loves it. She especially loves Humanities I, which focuses on World History and World Lit with some extra lessons in art and music. She is always taking notes.

In that class, during their studies of the French Revolution, she encounters a famous painting by Jacques-Louis David. It catches her attention. Let us mark this moment as foreshadowing.

She is terrified of her French teacher, but then gets a new French teacher midway through the year, who she despises. She likes the old French teacher better, she decides. The new French teacher assumes she is some sort of radical (but isn’t radical herself) and, much to her dismay, loves her. She will complain about this teacher a lot on her blog.

Her fandoms are Gundam Wing and Cardcaptor Sakura. Especially CardCaptor Sakura. She is always out to read more CLAMP. One of the seniors she attends art club with provides the manga for her.

She begins to make her first transitions into western fandom with Star Trek: Voyager. She and her best friend exchange a “note” that’s actually a story, and it’s a mashup of Trek and the manga they read.

After school she goes to art service club. She is close to the senior girl who provides her manga. The senior girl throws an arm around her shoulders and lays her head in her lap. She isn’t quite sure what it all means or why her cheeks get so hot. Or, she is sure, but she would rather put the words in Japanese than in English.

She has a hypothesis about her heterosexuality, how it might exist if she gives it the right conditions. There is a boy in her humanities class who she thinks may be the right condition—he’s not objectionable or anything, and they have interests in common. Later, this will become an experiment, and the experiment will fail. But for now it is only a hypothesis.

She is happy. Her mind is expanding with new and exciting information every day. But she is still running from things that happened a year ago, and maybe that’s why she feels the need to go so fast.

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20-year-old Corinna is still not yet Corinna.

She has been in a relationship for about a year now, but does not blog about it much, because it’s already beginning to wear thin on her and she doesn’t like talking about that stuff much publicly, anyway.

As a result of the relationship above, Corinna’s primary fandom is comics. She has just begun to explore feminist analysis of media by blogging about comics. (Which her significant other both does and doesn’t like.) She enjoys old school Green Lantern the most because you can track the history if late 20th century America in the arcs. She talks about making a classic rock fanmix for it.

She wishes she didn’t feel obligated to talk about comics all the time and begins to explore Doctor Who as a sort of rebellion. So she blogs about Doctor Who a lot, and gets very into Classic Who. Her favorites are Zoe and Ace but she really loves everyone. She feels way more comfortable talking about femmeslash now.

She has just majored in classics, and also looks forward to writing a thesis. Ahaha poor thing.

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18-year-old Corinna has not yet picked out the name Corinna yet.

She’s probably telling you about her trip to Nova Scotia and PEI, or how excited she is to be entering Bryn Mawr College in the fall. She is waffling over whether to go back to French or Japanese for her language credit. Latin has not yet occurred to her but it soon will.

Her big fandom is X-men (with a dash of Alpha Flight) and she sometimes RPGs it, though she has less time to do so between her Humanities classes and her sci-fi focused Creative Writing mentorship program. She is also still probably really, really into CLAMP. And Yami no Matsuei. Particularly the shounen ai stuff. Touya/Yukito is her forever OTP.

She has been reading Oscar Wilde and is stepping into her first studies of queer history. She also won’t shut up about Rufus Wainwright. She also recently put blue streaks in her hair, which her friend helped her cut short.

She is beginning to experiment with coming out, though it will take college to make her more open about her sexuality.


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I shouldn’t be cracking up over this, but I spent WAY too much of my youth in Christmas pageants to not find this hilarious.

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it’s probably an obsession at this point. 

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Back from figure drawing class and I should probably go to bed early tonight. Probably.

(I meant to yesterday but unspeakablevice was sharing so many entertaining facts about Robespierre and Saint-Just on Skype that sleep wasn’t entirely worth it.)